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We design IT products
and systems with modern

We work with Java Stack, React and Web components and rely on contemporary architecture principles such as micro services and event sourcing. We are part of the sustainable EOS success story by providing highly automated systems for scalable and flexible collection processes and organizations.
With agile project management methods such as Scrum and Kanban, we develop software particularly quickly and efficiently. We also offer the highest level of IT self-services for our users and are constantly expanding the range of API-based web services in the infrastructure.

At EOS ITech we will do everything to provide you with the best possible technology solution. We provide professional services, software products and engineering solutions in a highly agile, tech appropriate environment.

These solutions reflect many years of industry experience in software engineering best practices. They are packaged to maximize their value to your organization.
We can tailor our products and services to suit the needs of your business - just ask us how!


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Our Annual Report

This was our financial year 2022/23

In our Annual Report you will find all the facts and figures, video statements by the Executive Board, and further insights into the world of receivables management.
Download here
Our Agile Principe
Our Clients

Continuous development
in a complex environment

This systematic, value-based and forward-looking approach is a major factor in the success of the EOS Group, and EOS ITech supports this effort and enables EOS particularly in such a complex environment and in helping its clients to focus on their core business, improving their liquidity and minimizing risks to their reputation.
As a leading technology-driven financial investor, EOS offers expertise in the processing of outstanding receivables and demonstrates best practices in the company’s fields of activity that includes purchase of receivables in default, with secured and unsecured non-performing loans, and the acquisition of real estate in need of restructuring.
Client Focus

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

For more than 45 years, EOS has combined a progressive entrepreneurial mindset with cutting-edge technology on a global scale. The approach is based on the company’s extensive data-based analytical expertise as part of its business model. Real-time communication and individualized solutions make up the core of the company’s day-to-day business. The focus is on communicating on equal terms with customers and defaulting payers, managing innovative projects and maintaining a highly efficient infrastructure. The past year has underscored the importance of technology-driven services.

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

Remote working and collaboration across national borders are also the new normal at EOS, thanks to its international roll-out of Microsoft 365. The migration of the software has already taken place at 13 of the company’s 17 national subsidiaries.

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

The collection software Kollecto and the new web-based software version Kollecto+ standardize processes for even more efficient receivables management in 12 countries.

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

When it comes to information security, EOS does not rely solely on its sophisticated individual solutions, but also uses a cyber risk management tool. It continually measures the company’s own cybersecurity performance and puts EOS at the forefront of the industry in security.

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

To provide a complete service around the clock, EOS offers chatbots in several countries that automatically answer simple or frequently asked questions. These virtual co-workers like “Lea” or “Tom” successfully handle receivables issues like outstanding payments or fees. As the number of users is Top Technology Projects 2020/21


Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

EOS global networking

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

EOS debt collection systems

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services

EOS cybersecurity

Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services


Internationally successful with customized, technology-driven services



Working on the development and implementation of digital processes



EOS invested in upgrading its IT core systems

EOS Survey “What’s the value of data?”

As the examples show, EOS has long since recognized the importance and value of data and has made strategic investments in data-based innovations. There is still a lot of untapped potential for companies in this area. That was one of the findings from the EOS Survey “What’s the value of data?” Thirty-four percent of consumers in Europe, 50 percent in Russia and 33 percent in the USA said they would be prepared to share their data with companies if they were compensated for it. For more details of the survey contact us via email.

Our Mission

Our Mission

EOS ITech strives to achieve excellence on all projects, incorporating integrity, technology, ethics, distingushed customer service and knowledge based on the agile principle.

Our Services

We offer software solutions for debt collecting and secured and unsecured receivables

Our Purpose

Why we do what we do.

Our purpose explains why we make the effort that we do, day by day. We are working towards a debt-free world. It is our commitment to dealing fairly with defaulted payers in order to achieve sustainable debt relief.

Our purpose is defined for us in our internal communication. The purpose is the essence of our commitment and attitude. It´ is not defined for external communication. For this purpose, we have the EOS claim, which translates the purpose into benefits for clients and debtors, and shows what we do.

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